About Me

I am currently a professor of Computer Science at Texas A&M University in Commerce, TX. The Computer Science Department at TAMUC offers undergraduate degree programs in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems, as well as teaching certificates for primary school teachers of Computer science. For our Masters graduate program, we offer degrees in traditional Computer Science, and a degree in Computational Sciences, which focuses on interdisciplinary scientific comput, modeling and data analytics.

My primary research interests are in deep learning, machine learning in general and in understanding human and animal cognition using neural network models and network science based models of intelligent systems. I also have research interests in HCI, learning and other areas of Psychology and Cognitive Science. Currently I mainly teach courses in deep learning, data analytics, operating systems and programming, and introduction to computational science and statistical methods for scientific computing.

You may find more information about my research, publications and classes using the links provided above. Many of my classes and some research work can be found in my Bitbucket or Github repositories as well.